Friday, 6 April 2012


Well being good friday and public holiday not to say Im on holiday from parenting...but gives me time to reflect where I was a year ago

This time last year well end of April but at Easter we always go away with the family all 15 of us...however this years trip has been postponed until September holidays due to us having our little baby..

However. it gives me time to reflect a year ago where my head was at and where I was in life...

I was a year ago currently on zolodex causing temporary menopause = hot flushes and mood swings and recovering from my last laparascopy and removal of right tube and anticipating the commencement of IVF in May

Yes to think a year ago...our little girl was a star in the sky and purely a wish...

To think of all the emotions we went through to get our little was not easy and right now I  think about how painful that journey was..but what kept me going was HOPE..HOPE that the cycle would work.. because thats all I had

The isolation as a couple we felt as friends continued to announce their pregnancies, birth and second pregnancies and here we sit awaiting ...awaiting for our miracle..

I kept myself busy working...excercising and ensuring I do the things I love...holidays and right before our cycle we had our last real holiday....

So to think we have come so far is a miracle...and we are so blessed to have our little girl but I dont know what I would feel like and be if that cycle didnt work..and where my head would be at now...

A friend whose child is having their first birthday party in a couple of weeks and we are getting an invite...well our little girl did but to think if we did not have her we would not be invited and the isolation from your friends kids parties would continue...I will never forget that pain of getting left behind...and will never make anyone else who has no kids feel the same as they too could be on the same journey path we had to undertake for children

and we better start planning a holiday with our little girl in 6 months time as being a parent is one of the hardest jobs was so much easier working, studying but I would never trade it for anything....


  1. So much can hasten in a year and I'm so happy that your little miracle is safely with you... parenting is more than a full-time job but worth every minute :)) Love to you both xoxo

  2. What a year! We are so blessed to have our little miracles.

  3. I'm so happy that you are where you're now! It is amazing how much a year can change things, isn't it??